A really huge assortment

MDM Dreyer searches for and constantly evaluates new products and in this way maintains a varied and comprehensive catalogue. The product palette extends from A for Amaretti to Z for Zitronat and is constantly extending and adapting to the wishes of customers.

MDM Dreyer acts as agent on behalf of the customer. It must be right quality, price and the right delivery options. No easy task in the natural produce industry. The challenge for MDM Dreyer is to have „Just in time“ deliveries to suit the customer. MDM Dreyer provides the client with access to a worldwide network of producers. The customer has one contact person and need not worry about having to look after 10 or more different vendors. In addition, MDM Dreyer handles all the administration: conducts analysis, ensures that all the necessary certificates are present and simplifies the import proceedures. All this reduces the burden on the customer and therefore saves time and money.

Selected Products   From all over the world