A family run business for the future

The production and procurement of foodstuffs is a matter of trust. Since the foundation of the family business in 1997, MDM Dreyer enjoys the confidence of renowned customers from different areas of food production, distribution and retail. Also Mirjam Oesterle, who today since 2003 directs MDM Dreyer in the second generation, relies on the highest product quality and aims at long-term partnerships with customers.

The team at MDM Dreyer is young and motivated to achieve excellence. To provide high quality at the best price with special products, turns each day into a challenging task. Consumers and costumers need to be able to rely on a consistent supply of quality food products. For this reason there are strict legal frameworks on which the producers, processors and traders are bound. However compliance with these standards alone does not guarantee success. Top quality products require the finest ingredients. For this reason MDM Dreyer maintains a personal relationship with everyone of their suppliers and producers. This relationship not only facilitates the acquisition of goods, but also guarantees that MDM Dreyer clearly understands the capabilities of each and every one of the partners.