Personal engagement, product quality and on time delivery

MDM Dreyer is the first point of contact for challenging procurement issues. No matter whether it's sourcing quality raw materials or product innovation in the area of refining components, MDM Dreyer offers the best product quality. Each supplier is required to be able to guarantee the traceability of its products. All processing steps must be documented. From sowing to harvest, and - depending on the product - even to the refinement. Moreover, each imported product is tested by a neutral laboratory.

"Just in time" is our motto. MDM Dreyer functions intentionally without the use of warehousing. The transport of goods is planned so that the products are delivered directly to the customer, and exactly when the customer requires the products. In doing so they avoid storage costs. Secondly, fresh produce delivered direct to the client is of course better than items delivered after being stored for any length of time, as the product is only opened immediately prior to delivery.